Liner Notes

All Songs Written by Chuck Greenstreet (All Rights Reserved)

Except: She Got the Ring written by Chuck Mead/Jon Tiven, Walls written by Tom Petty and Mike Campbell and You Bring the Summer by Andy Partridge

Chuck Greenstreet: Lead and Backing Vocals, Lead and Rhythm Guitars

Bob Jones: Bass, Keyboards as well as Acoustic guitar

Special Guest Willow Back up vocals on Shake Them Coconuts

Produced and Arranged by Chuck Greenstreet and Bob Jones

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Day Drinking

She Got the Ring (I got the Finger)

Margarita Moonlight

The Man With a Hole (Where his Heart used to Be)

Shake Them Coconuts


Tequila Makes Her Happy

I'm Checking Out

Watching the Waves

You Bring the Summer


Here are some great MP3's of old Band Studio Recordings

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